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'We are all made of stardust...almost every element on earth was made at the heart of a star' 

Precious, hand cut meteorite (sourced from real comets that were found in Europe) are set in silver. Simply out of this world.

925/000 rhodanized silver.

* We plate our rings using an innovative technique that is of the highest quality (double thickness to standard plating) in order to ensure a long and dazzling life span.

'At the moment my favourite material to work with is meteorite.  I have a very strong love of outer space, which has greatly inspired HEIRS. I think it is because I grew up in a remote part of Devon where you can see every star in the sky. The fact that we all come from stars or star material is just mind blowing for me. Each meteorite piece used in the collection is a completely unique alloy. You simply couldn’t recreate it on Earth. They are selected and then hand cut in Vienna.'

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