'Jewelry tells stories and also makes them. We all receive it and pass it on- this is the ethos of my brand. ’We are the HEIRS of the past and the future’. I guess maybe that is the most precious thing about it- it is a way to understand or be closer to those you have lost or binds you to the ones you love....'

Lauren Cooke, is a young designer and creator who is passionate about seeking out unconventional forms and finding extraordinary beauty that can embellish the everyday. She founded HEIRS in 2016 and in a short time has been internationally recognised. From her Viennese studio she explores new materials, innovations and cutting-edge production methods, yet keeps her designs married with handcraft to create unique, high-quality, hybrid pieces. 

'At the moment my favourite material to work with is meteorite.  I have a very strong love of outer space, which has greatly inspired HEIRS. I think it is because I grew up in a remote part of Devon where you can see every star in the sky. The fact that we all come from stars or star material is just mind blowing for me. Each meteorite piece used in the collection is a completely unique alloy. You simply couldn’t recreate it on Earth. They are selected and then hand cut.'

Working with local artisans and goldsmiths in Vienna, Austria, her goal is to produce a socially regenerative brand that has one foot preserving the past and the other redefining the future. 

'I don’t believe that jewelry has to be expensive in order to be considered precious and although I offer fine jewlery pieces within my collections, it was intentional that I tried to find ways to create a quality product that was still affordable. That’s why I feature Moissanite stones in the new collection. They costs less than diamonds but their properties far surpass them and your conscience is clear because they are grown and not mined. Plus, they were created through a meteorite explosion and discovered by a french scientist, so obviously I fell in love with them immediately.'

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