We inherit the past and pass on the future - We are all HEIRS

Jewelry tells stories and also makes them. Perhaps this is the most precious thing about it - it binds you to the ones you love. The pieces you wear every day become reference points for your life. Jewelry doesn’t have to follow trends, it can stay relevant forever. How it comforts or empowers the wearer often transcends the object itself. I feel really grateful that I get to be a part of those memories.

‘I want to create the heirlooms of the future- those pieces that that your children fondly remember and said WOW or that simply become part of your hand. Each year I work with couples to create the perfect rings for them, I put out a few designs that I really stand behind in limited numbers.’

Lauren Cooke, the designer behind the Austrian jewelry brand HEIRS, seeks to capture our yearning for creating heritage and legacy, reworking the concept in new and bold ways. She seeks out new materials and techniques as well as innovative forms to create high-quality, handcrafted pieces for men and women.

 ‘I really love playful and surreal jewelry that makes a big impression and doesn’t cost the earth, but I also cherish my solid gold pieces, my wedding band, my treasures… ’

This collision between the past and the future, the supernova that creates an heirloom and her pieces, is the magic unknown that Lauren pursues: where innovation meets craftsmanship to redefine beauty.

Beloved in different pockets of the world by style icons such as Michelle Harper and Conchita Wurst, HEIRS jewelry is for the considerate, modern design-connoisseur.

 We hope you love them and pass them on….

*I am so grateful to have won PIONEER and be supported by the Vienna Business Agency.