Lauren Cooke, is a young designer and creator who is passionate about seeking out unconventional forms and finding extraordinary beauty that can embellish the everyday. She founded HEIRS in 2016 and her distinctive accessories are inspired by the notion that 'we are the HEIRS of our past and the HEIRS of the future...' From her Viennese studio she explores new materials, innovations and cutting-edge production methods, yet keeps her designs married with handcraft to create unique, high-quality, hybrid pieces.  Working with local artisans and goldsmiths, her goal is to produce a socially regenerative brand that has one foot preserving the past and the other redefining the future. 

'I wanted to find something the world hasn’t already seen– a new definition of beauty that is new and extraordinary.'

Inspired by the cosmos and geometry- I hope you enjoy my debut capsule collection -SIRIUS- I have the future at my fingertips and so can you. 

contact me anytime at : lauren@heirs . at