We inherit the past and pass on the future - We are HEIRS

Jewelry tells stories and also makes them. Perhaps this is the most precious thing about it - it's a way to be closer to those you have lost, it binds you to the ones you love. The pieces you wear every day become reference points for your life.

How jewelry comforts or empowers the wearer because of the memories attached to them  transcends the object itself.

Lauren Cooke, the designer behind HEIRS, seeks to capture our yearning for creating heritage and legacy, reworking the concept in new and bold ways for our times.

To do so she has looked to the stars.

“We are all made of stardust – almost every element on earth was made at the heart of a star.”

There could be no more perfect inspiration for the heirlooms of the future than the very thing that brought us into existence, the cosmic cycle that binds us one and all. She seeks out new materials and techniques to bring to the traditionally-trained goldsmiths in the historic city of Vienna who handcraft her pieces in limited numbers.

This collision between the past and the future, the supernova that creates an heirloom and her pieces, is the magic unknown that Lauren pursues: where innovation meets craftsmanship to redefine beauty.