Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to commission a piece that is uniquely made for you or to request a custom size.

Every month we create engagement rings and wedding bands from our Viennese studio and thankfully we now offer consultations via Skype. It is always the very biggest privilege for me to do this. There is simply no greater honor than to be on someone's finger forever and more importantly designing rings that fit their individual personality and lifestyle! They can be simple, they can be complex, but they must be just right. Contact me for our custom design services and let HEIRS be a part of your beautiful story.

The HEIRS Affordable Luxury range is created using plated 925/000 sterling silver to keep prices competitive for you. We use an innovative technique to bring you the highest possible quality – double thickness to standard plating  - to ensure a long and dazzling life span. True to our concept of ‘jewelry for generations’, we offer a re-plating service so you can pass down your HEIRS jewelry to your heirs in the unlikely event that there are any signs of wear. Please just contact us.